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Nude man and woman.

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This encyclopedia is dedicated to exploring human genitalia and all aspects surrounding our genitals, sex, intimacy and relationships. The encyclopedia is presented in full color with graphic images and illustrations depicting male and female genitalia. Explore by searching for articles or use our index to view current topics of interest. This project is a working progress with new articles added routinely. The encyclopedia is user editable, if any individual would like to contribute with articles and relevant information about human genitalia, reproduction and sex. You may do so by registering an account with us, we only ask not to post irrelevant articles or links.

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How Much Do Your Genitals Measure?

Genital size is where you can explore are issues regarding the size of male and female genitalia. You can contribute by uploading pictures of your genitalia while measuring it. This allows you to contribute to our little project and expand its usefulness. It also allows other men and women to see the differences between male and female genitalia. It allows people to see how normal their sex organs are in comparison to others or experience what makes them different to other individuals. You can also participate in the genital size surveys presented at the Vagina Institute to further document human genitalia and sexual aspects.

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