The following are things we are doing to improve the site of Genital Size. This project is interesting since it is being built on feedback by users such as yourself. We are trying to build something that is useful for everyone, so both men and women can enjoy it. Here we will explain certain changes we are doing and problems we have experienced with the site.


Change to a new platform

In the past year of 2020, we were using an older type of gallery, but we were experiencing many issues with it. It was costing a lot to maintain it and it was a battle between maintaining it and controlling abuse. Unfortunately, there are individuals who love to abuse of things that are made available and ruin things for everyone. 

The question here is whether or not people like the new gallery? Send your feedback about the changes to using the new system. Does it work for you or would you rather go back to the old system? 


From the feedback we have received at the moment, it seems most people liked the old galleries and going by country. We will continue gathering feedback and make the necessary changes in the coming months.

Give your feedback

Social Platform

When will it be back up?

The social platform of Genital Size is currently not available, it is being integrated into a new platform. Changes are being made to make it more interactive and more socially friendly. Where you can interact with other men and women and engage in adult discussions. 

The new site should become available by March or April.

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