Request for removal of photo, video, media uploaded as a guest

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If you had uploaded a photo, video or other media to Genital Size, you agreed to the Terms of Use provided by the website. Within the Terms of Use, you agreed and granted Genital Size full rights to publish, use, edit all media submitted by you. Genital Size reserves the right to use all Media files you uploaded at its sole discretion.

If you wish to have a photo, video or other media removed of which you have uploaded, you can submit a removal request. The removal request is a volunteer based service and can take up to 90 days before we consider your image, video or other media for removal. We work with limited resources and our volunteers need to review image removal request individually.

All requests are taken into consideration; however Genital Size has no obligation to remove any image which you submitted for publication under the terms of use. However, Genital Size understands that certain things change and a person might want to remove images for personal reasons. We usually grant the removal.

If you submit multiple removal requests for the same image, video or media, our system may consider it spam and you can be banned from accessing the site. Submitting multiple requests will not speed up the process, it will cause us to consider it abuse of our system and resources. To request removal of images, please complete our Media Removal Request Form.

Media Removal Request Form